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Are you one of those people who think that testing of fuel, oil and water should be done as quickly, easily and precisely as possible? if so eralytics company that we are the exclusive representative of them in IRAQ has developed a small, compact, light, and mobile testing instruments in these fields which will just suit you and gives you the exact results you want.

We provide fuel and oil testing and process instrumentation with latest technologies at well known and newly approved ASTM, ISO, IP, JOAP etc. standard test methods to our customers.


About us

Era Technologies is an Iraqi company with its headquarters in Baghdad, in the Al-Mansour city. Thanks to a young, energetic, and highly skilled team. The roots and the ability of the company go back on a historical gain, with years of experience in the field which gives high priority to technical expertise and customer support for all our products .
A wide range of analyzers for petroleum testing, Fuels, Oils laboratory instruments including ; Fuel & Oil FTIR Infrared Spectrometers, Oil in water Testers, Turn-Key Fuel & Oil Labs, Predictive Maintenance Labs, Turn-Key Mobile Fuel & Oil Lab, Gasoline & Diesel Analyzing Systems, Vapor Pressure Testing Systems, Flash Point Testers, On-Site Environmental Fuel, Viscometers and Density.
Era tech provides full in-land warranty, technical service and support for all instruments before and after sales, we offer a wide range of services supported by well trained and experienced staff using today’s technology.


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