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ERAFLASH – Flashpoint Testing


The Safe Side of Flashpoint Testing The patented PBT – Peltier Boost Technology TM by eralytics opens a new dimension of flashpoint testing. Unrivaled measuring speed complements the widest temperature range ever achieved in a single instrument (-25 to 420°C / -13 to 788°F). The small sample size (1-2 ml) and the continuously closed measuring chamber (ASTM D6450 & D7094) of the ERAFLASH guarantee maximum safety and speed at minimum costs.
Fresh & used oils including fuel dilution measurement Diesel & jet fuel, FAME (biodiesel), asphalt & bitumen Flavors & fragrances, paints & varnishes, solid & liquid waste Mobile laboratories, military applications, flash/no flash tests all this with a single analyzer in full compliance with the safest flashpoint standards ASTM D6450 & D7094, with proven correlation to ASTM D93 & EN ISO 2719
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