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Portable FTIR oil analysis in seconds

The first truly portable stand-alone analyzer with a patented rugged FTIR spectrometer for high-speed lubricant oil condition monitoring in full compliance with ASTM, DIN and JOAP methods. With its lightweight build and compact footprint, it is a welcome addition to mobile laboratories to automatically deliver a detailed finger-print of used oil on-site and check for degradation and contamination within seconds.

Reliable Precision

Lubrication is a vital component of machinery. Early detection of lube oil degradation and engine wear is essential for timely replacement, avoiding unnecessary maintenance while reducing the risk of breakdowns. Infrared (IR) analysis is an inexpensive test that can provide specific information about the chemical condition of the lubricating oil, also allowing inferences about the state of the machine component from which the sample was taken. Due to the speed of IR measurement, the reliability of the results it provides and the large amount of information that can be gained from an IR spectrum it became a routine method for oil analysis laboratories.
With its patented FTIR spectrometer ERASPEC OIL offers highly reliable lubricant oil condition monitoring in full compliance with the latest ASTM, DIN and JOAP methods:

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